Pre-Construction Condos: Why YOU Need A Realtor!
1. Gains you access to VIP Realtor events where best prices and floor plans are available.
2. Knows the right questions to ask.
3. Guides you through vital steps during 10 day Cooling Off Period.
4. Negotiates agreement in your best interest.
5. Has access to MLS to compare both new and resale properties.
6. Explains the importance of “The Right To Assign”, which many builders will deny and won’t provide information on.
7. Understands how to read building plans.
8. Has a good understanding of your neighbourhood and any potential new developments that could restrict your views or cause traffic issues.
9. Helps you coordinate all of the closing costs and details with your lawyer.
10. Explains how the HST will affect closing costs and help determine eligibility for any HST rebates.
11. Explains how interim occupancy costs work and how builders calculate these charges.
12. Explains the changing reality of monthly condo fees that are usually underestimated.
The expert advice of a knowledgeable realtor can save you tens of thousands of dollars on a pre-construction condo!